Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kindly Leave Your Baggage/Ego at the Door

It took exactly 24 hours to manifest what I intended yesterday.

 “Ask and it is given” is something that I like to recite in my yoga classes.  We stand there, mountain pose, arms held high and wide, to make the letter V, “as in vessel,” I say. Not a ship, but a vase or a jar.  I wait a few breaths to allow our jars to be filled, to allow our intentions to manifest.

I have a great spiritual support group that I attend every Wednesday.  Just yesterday we did a manifesting meditation.  Just today, what I intended yesterday comes to fruition.

My intention of easy financial stability came to me in visions of singing, music and kirtan (call-and-response chanting). “Do what ?” I posted on my FB page.  And for the next half day, I couldn’t wrap my head around how kirtan was going to manifest financial stability.  “More guidance” I asked out loud.  I wrote it on a scrap paper and slammed it to my fridge.  I was nervous.  That’s too hard.  How? And mostly, why me? I went to bed feeling like I was receiving mixed messages.  I couldn’t tell if it was my ego busting through or was it really my higher self urging me on.  
A little secret about me is that I love to sing.  I have grand visions of singing for people. It comes up over and over. Always I have some excuse to ignore it and just wish instead.  I drive by voice studios and think “yeah, I’d like to get into that”.  Open mic nights always tweak my interest.  I never miss a chance to chant at the end of a yoga class. And karaoke? Bullah! I’m in.

I have plans tonight to go to Belmar at the Turnstile Coffee Bar where the New Jersey Friends of Clearwater hold a monthly sing along.  A friend who has been before told me that participants are invited to share a song or music. “Oh no!” I screamed into the phone. “I can’t go.”  I will be obligating myself to sing.
Here’s the scary part: Ask and it is given. I asked for it and fear will stop me? It’s not only the scary part but the tricky part as well. Sing in front of people no way, not me. Sing for people, well yeah maybe.

“Well,” my friend said. ”You’ll just have to leave your ego at the door.”  I picture an old vintage suitcase, the kind that you see at garage sales and abandoned curbside on garbage night with three black letters on the  side : EGO.
If I let my ego get in the way of what I asked to receive, I will be ignoring my higher power.  So I’m going to trust this one.  I will be nervous.  I will try and bow out.  I will be bringing my EGO suitcase with me. I will be dropping my EGO suitcase at the door.

I don’t know what this singing will have to do with financial stability.  That part I’ll be leaving in the suitcase with the ego.  I don’t need to know.  I will be sitting back later and watching how it all plays out.  Afterall, I asked and it is a gift that is in the process of being hand to me right at this moment.  All that’s left to do is say thank you.  Thank You.  

Nadine Poveromo trained at the Integral Yoga Institute in NYC, and is certified as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner from the Phoenix Rising Center in Stockbridge, Mass. Nadine helps students achieve the elusive art of living in the moment.

The key to her instruction is cultivating your ability to pay attention to every subtle nuance of your body … from emotions to thoughts to body sensations.

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