Saturday, November 19, 2011

Take Five

We all take the time to eat, sleep, exercise, shop etc.  How many of us take the time to sit and be still?  We need to learn to come to a place where stillness and peace reside within.  

Try to make this a daily practice:

Set a timer for five minutes.  Come into a comfortable seated position.  You can do this lying down as well. Consciously relax your body.  Take a few deep, slow breaths.  Then without controlling your breath just follow the breath in and out of your nose.  As thoughts arise in your mind, watch it without identifying, clinging or attaching to the thought, and then come back to the breath.  This is a process of letting go and then resting in the silence and peace within.  As we learn to get go, the thoughts lose their power over us and we learn more and more to tune into peace.  

Try it! At first it maybe difficult but as you practice it should become easier.

May you all find the peace within.


Carmela Danna completed her teacher training in March 2006 at Yoga Works, New York. She has since attended various workshops in continuing education. She left her full time job in Princeton, NJ to pursue her passion of teaching yoga. Yoga has been a big influence in her life and she wants to share her passion of yoga. Aside from a regular asana practice, Carmela enjoys restorative yoga and meditation.
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