Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Learn To Be Still

The alarm goes off and Immediately the thoughts of Our "to-do" list begins... Before we even get out of bed the thoughts are racing through our minds.... Who do i need  to call.. Where do i need to be? and when..? Where's my coffee? What's for dinner? Did someone feed the dog?

So we're off and racing... with our minds, our spirit and our body we rush to get our work done...rush to do our errands.. To have a meal and so forth
We even rush to Yoga class... Which is a good thing. A bit ironic but you made it.
Now it's Yoga time. Your time. Time to tune into the breath.. To slow down...
to Clear the mind - stuff.
But still we find that difficult. We want to move... to sweat accomplish.
What I have discovered through my own years of practice is this: You will accomplish more by doing less.
We come to vinyasa class believing that we will move quickly and sweat and burn calories. And you may, but that's not the point.
Vinyasa actually means to take each careful step in a meaningful way. when we take that time our alignment is at it's peak. Our breath moves fluidly into the asanas and we won't get injured.  So take the time to ground and align yourself, to focus, to tune into your breath, and take those careful steps. Join me Thursdays at 5 for Align and Flow and  experience how each small step goes a very long way.

Lisa Mandragona is a Registered Yoga Teacher and a Graduate of YogaWorks Teacher Training. She recently completed her Restorative Teacher Training and is currently studying Anusara Yoga and Chakra Balancing.  Eternally grateful to all of her teachers, Lisa aspires to give to others what yoga has brought her.

Yoga Plus Herbs, Marlboro Plaza, Intersection of Rte 9 and Rte 520 in Marlboro, NJ 07726, 732-617-2020,, info at yogaplusherbs dot com

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